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Leicester Long Wool Sheep

This is a Globally Endangered Breed

Registered through LLSBA

Lambing in JAN/FEB 2020

Leicester Long-Wool Sheep


To Date - We are the only Registered Breeder for this breed in the Mid-West.

Our Leicester sheep are very social and loving sheep even being a larger sheep breed.  They are very calm and enjoy attention, and they actually enjoy being pet and groomed.  I liken them to giant puppy dogs because of this gentleness!  They would be great to have around children because of their friendly and gentle behavior. Their fiber can reach lengths of 14" in a year but typically I pull 7-9" locks each year at shearing.  The fiber is wonderfully soft locks of curls which are great for spinning and crafting.  Surprisingly enough...the mamma sheep allow me to milk them and they provide more milk per milking than my goats do!

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