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Ranch Dogs

Our sweet girl Maxie is getting up there in age and is slowing down.  She has been the best ranch dog and friend to us - always protective, always watching over our livestock willing to give her life to protect them and us.  We made the choice to retire her this year and will let Maxie relax and live out her remaining years as an indoor/outdoor dog.  She tells us when she wants to have puppy-time or go see the livestock, but otherwise stays with us in the house.  She is 10 years old this year and you can see her age in the greying around her nose/eyes.

We officially have PUPPIES!  (November 2019)

Mia is the dam (100% Blue Heeler) and Bandit is the sire (50% Blue Heeler / 50% German Shepherd)

The puppies are 75% Blue Heeler / 25% German Shepherd and are just the cutest dogs so far with amazing markings.  The pups, once weaned (8-10 weeks of age) will sell for $350 each.